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We offer large lots in a quiet residential setting, off-street parking and the lowest lot rents in the area. Experience the Delaware difference. Conveniently located near shopping, schools, entertainment and restaurants.

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Affordable and Long-Lasting
Affordability doesn’t mean that you’re home won’t last for a long time. In fact, all of our mobile homes for sale are about 40% less expensive than traditional homes, giving you a reliable structure that you can live in for years to come.
Energy Efficient
During construction, our homes are regularly inspected and built according to extremely strict guidelines. Of course, traditional homes built on-site aren’t held to these same standards.
Strict Guidelines
Unlike site-built homes, manufactured homes are built under a strict set out guidelines and routinely inspected during construction. Construction in Compliance With Federal Manufactured Homes Construction and Safety Standards (HUD National Building Codes)
Hud Programs
Lasts Through Extreme Weather
In Ohio, it is extremely important that your home is able to last through extreme weather. By using 25% more materials than traditional homes, Delaware Mobile Homes are able to make it through years of rough weather.
Mobile homes aren’t cookie-cutter homes. In fact, custom decks, sheds, and landscaping helps you customize your new home in ways that you can’t with traditional homes.
Own Your Home Without Stress
Our land-leasing program removes the stress from home ownership. This helps you avoid issues with property taxes and having to worry about homeowner association fees.